8 of the Most Absurd Reactions to Obamas’s New Climate Change Rules

8 of the Most Absurd Reactions to Obamas's New Climate Change Rules
As everyone knows by now, the Obama Administration unveiled its ambitious new plan to reduce greenhouse emissions from coal-fired plants on Monday. Much needed and … Like Senator Inhofe, this brazenly partisan Koch-funded group willfully misconstrues …
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WVTAP: Test 720 homes for MCHM in water
Earl Ray Tomblin have recommended West Virginia conduct a broader sampling program of home tap water to ensure the elimination of MCHM from January's chemical leak and improve public confidence in the region's drinking-water supply. … WVTAP officials …
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Special Report: EAPs: Devoid of Data
… research on the value of EAPs, the deciding factor for employers shopping for a provider is price, not quality, according to Carl Tisone, president of the Employee Assistance Research Foundation, a nonprofit EAP research organization based in …
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