Correcting Health Care Reform Lies

There are people who have a vested interest in keeping the American health care system broken. Those people are the health insurance industry execs who are making millions of dollars and the politicians they have bought off. These people have hired PR firms to spread lies about health care reform in order to scare everyday Americans into fighting against their own self interest (which is obviously for health care reform.) These are the people behind the orchestrated anti health care reform noise at the town hall meetings across America. This is nothing “grass roots” about that movement. It is a manipulation of uninformed people (many of these folks don’t even know that Medicare is government run health insurance) into fighting for the interests of the health insurance industry rather than for the American people.

If lies are left unchecked then they often become generally accepted by a large portion of the population. This is why it’s so important to reject each of these anti-health reform lies strongly. It’s important to let people know that when they repeat these lies they are simply parroting the fear mongering tactics of the health insurance industry which has no interest in health care, only in continuing to rake in huge profits (their profits actually went up by over 7 times from 2000 to 2007.)

“Rationing” is one of the biggest lies being spread about health care reform. These folks say that somehow having a government run health insurance option (“the public option”) will create some kind of “rationing” that doesn’t take place with our current system. The truth is that health care reform is designed to decrease the rationing that the health insurance industry currently takes part in! You see they make more money by denying your care.

The euthanasia lie is probably the most distasteful one being spread. What could be worse than telling people that the government is going to kill your grandma? This is the same kind of lie that right wingers told about Medicare when it was first introduced in the 1960s. They were full of it then, and they are full of it today. There is absolutely nothing to do with euthanasia or Sarah Palin’s fantasy “death panels” included in health reform. This is an entirely baseless lie. And a despicable one at that. Shouldn’t these people be called out for spreading such a disgusting lie? If they are willing to tell lies like this, why should anyone believe anything they say?

Another big lie is that health care reform will be expensive. What would really be expensive is not doing health care reform. Our current system is headed towards bankruptcy rather quickly. Health insurance premiums are going through the roof. A big part of what this reform is aimed at doing is controlling costs. In fact the economic reasons to implement a “public option” (or even better true “single payer” universal health care) are just as strong as the health reasons.

The final point I want to leave you with is to remember that the “public option” is just that. An option. It will not force people into a government run health insurance plan. If you want to stick with your private health insurance plan, that’s up to you. What the “public option” is designed to do is to create competition for the private health insurance industry so that they cannot continue to gouge their customers with skyrocketing premiums. And it’s designed to give an “option” for those who don’t trust the health insurance companies not to take away their health care.

Why wouldn’t you trust the insurance companies? Why would you? Did you know that there’s currently about a 50% chance that your private health insurance will be taken away from you, using any reason they can come up with, if you get really sick or injured and need significant coverage? They call that “cutting costs.” I call that criminal. What’s the point of having health insurance coverage if it can be taken away from you when you need it most?

George Kane thinks it’s important to note that Doctors Support Health Care Reform. It’s also good to remind people that health care reform is also essential for the US Economy’s Health. Kane supports Single Payer.

While the rest of the states are prospering, New Mexico is riddled with a poverty rate that’s worthy of being attended to. New Mexico is in fact no. 3 in terms of poverty among the 50-plus states of the United States. For statistics, the state has an 18% poverty rate. To make matters worse, New Mexico’s health-care system is flawed and inefficient, having minimal resources and in need of immediate attention and restoration as several poor families and homes rely on health care and insurance to address their needs.

It is worth noting that, according to the state’s Department of Health, the state’s Native American citizens register a high rate of affliction by diseases and complications compared to the other population groups in New Mexico. Most of them are suffering from diabetes and pneumonia. Alcoholism is yet another problem faced by these people, which by itself can lead to other complications like liver problems. Restoration of these people’s well-being and health is an utmost concern, yet it is difficult to do so in New Mexico.

Despite that fact, the state has not received sufficient funding and resources from the Federal Government for Native American health care and health restoration issues. Congress, as a matter of fact, passed an act to address this particular problem in 1921 of restoration of New Mexico’s health care system. Restoration is still something that remains to be seen in NM’s health care though.

One example is the Indian Health Service in the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation. There are over 4,000 Mescalero Apaches living in this reservation. The IHS was built and established to serve these people, but the reservation has only three doctors and 13 beds as resources with which to live up to that requirement. As a result, a lot of individuals and families that live in the Reservation do not get the necessary treatment they need to ensure their wellness and health.

To add insult to injury, the IHS became bankrupt in July this year. This makes it unable to refer and pay on behalf of the patients that they refer to outside hospitals without the needed monetary resources. Cash-strapped, the service’s remaining resources answer for life-threatening services that need financial assistance the most. Thus, restoration of the IHS’ financial status should be addressed immediately.

Health care is also difficult to procure not only for Native Americans, but for an entire quarter of the state’s total population. It is not uncommon for a resident living below poverty line to run out of vital medicines and find themselves unable to find anything for restoration of their personal health. According to a report by Betty Ann Bowser of PBS, even if people managed to procure health insurance for themselves and their families, they still have the problem of finding the needed health care to address their problems. Fortunately, some universities in New Mexico embark on outreach programs to reach out and bring quality healthcare to these underprivileged homes.

However, these programs are simply not enough. Without continued supply of resources, the problem of ensuring that the cash-strapped families of New Mexico get the means to maintain health still persists. Without the restoration of the existing health care system to something more efficient, immediate help from the capital is needed.

Samson Paulotti is an article writer for New Mexico Restoration and The Restoration Resource New Mexico

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