The Truth About Uninsured Americans

The uninsured in America , who are they and how are they affecting our health insurance as a whole? Many people truly believe that the uninsured in America are those who are very simply unwilling to fend for themselves but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually the fact of the matter is that eight out of every ten uninsured Americans is either employed or a dependent of someone who is employed.

The number of Americans that are without health insurance is about 44 million. That’s significant. To that number add another 38 million who have coverage but aren’t adequately covered by the plans they have. These individuals worry about what will happen to them should a major illness fall upon them. Without coverage, there are no preventive care measures being taken. No shots to prevent the flu, no immunizations for their children to prevent them from getting dreadful diseases. Without these preventive measures, these individuals are more prone to getting illnesses that can translate into major medical costs.

The medical community is already struggling with trying to collect payment for their services and this booming number of uninsured individuals is without a doubt putting unwanted strain on the system. When these people do not pay their pays it ultimately effect those that have insurance because doctors and hospitals are then forced to raise their fees in order to pay their bills. Medical insurance premiums then follow suit by raising their premium amounts.

While mostly everyone agrees that our medical system needs a major overhaul, the average American that has medical coverage just wants to put heir head in the sand and believe that these issues don’t really have an effect on them. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The new health care reform was intended to have every American covered by some type of insurance plan. This initiative would be costly but perhaps in the long run more beneficial to everyone. By getting everyone preventive care it could prevent many major medical issues that can occur that costs huge amounts of money to treat.

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